Exporting is a party, continue this
Add Export Import Consultancy has a network existing of long-term relationships with: 
·        Health Services;
·        Customs Offices;
·        Transport Companies;
Trade Banks
 Add Export Import Consultancy has many years of experience with international payments transactions, Letters of Credit and several kinds of warranties.
Through years of intense contacts with banks inside and outside Holland, Add Export Import Consultancy BV can provide you a suitable solution, fitting within the international “web” of payment (im)possibilities.
It might well be that your own bank cannot offer a suitable solution. In that case Add Export Import Consultancy can look for an other alternative with an other bank. Of course in such a way that your transactions will be done at minimum risk.
Service Providers
Add Export Import Consultancy has been and still is involved in many cases of export and import. The company has gather knowledge about the lay out and the obtaining of needed document and certificates.
Add Export Import Consultancy also can arrange the legalisation and certification for you.
When there are options to get export subsidies or to make use of active improvement , which saves you import duties, Add Export Import Consultancy can advise you.
To be able to do this as efficient as possible our company has agreements with several specialists at these topics.
Health Services health
From the start Add Export Import Consultancy has maintained good contacts with several (semi) governmental department that guard our health. That’s why our company can be of help for you in gaining of the necessary export certificates.
Customs Offices
Add Export Import Consultancy has gained the needed knowledge of customs declarations, through own experience, but also through the excellent contact with specialists in this area.
That’s why Add Export Import Consultancy can offer you advise or provide services in the areas of: 
·        Sagitta, a system for electronic customs declaration;
·        Layout of customs documents and doing customs declarations;
·        Providing of Import Certificates, when needed;
·        Determining of Commodity Codes;
·        Import duties (also to third parties);
·        Contact to Customs Offices.
International operating Inspection Services Companies
Add Export Import Consultancy has build up a good contact with the large international operating Inspection Services Companies.
Because of the close contact we can offer you good help, when inspection for your import or export is needed by one of these Inspection Services Companies.
Add Export Import Consultancy can give you advise about the kind of packaging that is needed for the export of goods and the obligatory elements in the declaration or text on the (consumer) packaging.
Add Export Import Consultancy can also advise you about the kind of transportation that can be used best.
What is best way of transportation: by sea, by land, by air, by courier, cooled, frozen, on pallets, in containers, etc.
Are there any restriction concerning weight, etc.
Government Departments
Several Government Departments are linked with their services to your import or export.
Add Export Import Consultancy knows how to obtain the information that you need from these departments.
In the Netherlands, Add Export Import Consultancy is currently representing several authorities in a project called “Client Export”, initiated by the Dutch Government Department for Agriculture, Nature and Quality of Food. This project aims for the reduction of governmental interference with export of agricultural products and food and for the reduction of the number of needed documents for export.
Add Export Import Consultancy gives classes at highschools and colleges about international business and the needed knowledge on logistic and financial matters. Also for companies Add Export Import Consultancy can provide a workshop introducing Export to your company.
Add Export Import Consultancy is a member of the committee of International Business and Management Studies (IBMS Top of Holland).
Add Export Import Consultancy is also participating in the team for Education and Training of Fenedex, the Union for Dutch Export. Fenedex is an organisation owned by and working for exporting companies.
Encouraging and training
Add Export Import Consultancy coaches starting exporters in the Kompass project of the Chamber of Commerce in Leeuwarden and in the Export Atlas project or the Business Development Friesland Foundation in Leeuwarden.