Exporting is a party, continue this
Add Export Import Consultancy can have added value for you on your international way to export or import.
Logistic and financial handling of deliveries is our specialty, but we can also support you on numerous other topics, through our large network of specialists in import and export matters.
Because of the gained knowledge and expertise, while being involved with import and export of goods, we can offer you practical, result oriented solutions.
We aim for solutions, that help you reach your goals easiest and best.
In finding these solutions, we will consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of the activities, according to the guidelines of business for social responsibility.

Activities of Add Export Import Consultancy:
1. Giving advise about export and import to third parties.
    a. Advise about logistic and financial matters;
    b. Arrange contacts with exporters and importers;
    c. Provide training in export and import knowledge;
    d. Market research
2. Importing or exporting of goods.
3. Representing companies or authorities in or from foreign countries.
4. Encouraging learning projects in third world countries to prevent:
    a. Poverty;
    b. Health problems;
    c. Harming of the environment; 
   d. Deforestation