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How the Naïade works

General information

Water is poured in the Naïade at the top of a container and passes through double filters. The filtered water flows under controlled conditions through the UV reactor. The UV light renders the pathogens harmless. A solar panel produces the required energy. Thereafter, the water flows via a solenoid valve to the tap.

The water circulation stops automatically when the filter is clogged or removed or when the UV light doesn't meet its specifications.

A single system treats more than 2500 litres of water a day. The unit can be filled by hand, by pump, from surface water or wells. Storage reservoirs can be used for the untreated as well as for the disinfected water in order to avoid 'traffic jams'.


The Naïade is designed to last for over ten years. Maintenance, operation included, the Naïade can provide each inhabitant daily with 5 liter safe drinking water for less than about 0,01 euro per day. According to WHO statements, every euro spent on water quality has a yield of 5-20 euro on reduction of medical costs and improvement of productivity and economic development!

In the field

At this moment the units are already operating in 34 countries all over the world, in Angola Brasil, China, India, Pakistan, Ruanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania a.o. Our mission is to get the Naïade as soon as possible to all those other places where people are suffering and dying from contaminated water. Naïade can make a large contribution to the betterment of livelihoods of deprived communities.

Further dissemination of the Naïade should be on a project basis through cooperation of several parties, like:

  • Inhabitants
  • NGOs
  • Local technical partners
  • Water & sanitation agencies
  • Health services
  • Donors
  • Public authorities
  • Add Clean Water Now and Nedap